The road to Glacier Point has stories to tell. Some tragic, some joyous. Before getting married there last month, Renai and Scott experienced the nearly tragic kind.

Time was of the essence when Scott was stung by a bee. Deathly allergic, they were miles from help. Renai took the wheel. Honking and speeding, she flew down the busy windy road as Scott faded fast beside her.

In the nick of time, his life was saved.

They were engaged shortly after :)

This last trip varied humorously! Rain the night before their wedding day made for natural sparkles and saturated colors (the kind that makes photographers' eyes light up). The bright green moss that covered the boulders around their cabins came alive in the shadows.

As we winded up the road to Glacier Point where the ceremony was held, a blanket of white rested so fresh and still on the pines and in the meadows. Even their backdrop Half Dome was wearing a cap of snow.

As cheesy as this sounds, there's no other way to describe Renai Crossman and Scott's wedding in Yosemite that day.. It was magical.

So glad I was to be a part of their joyous story to Glacier Point as their wedding photographer.

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